ElectroFlow  -- The 11-in-1 System

ELECTROFLOW™ is the only internationally renowned 11 in 1 integrated system, with SIX Exclusive Features, in the world! It is state-of-the-art and culmination of nearly 40 years of innovation, at Ph.D. level, led and developed by Dr.Mehrdad.

ELECTROFLOW ™ can be applied to voltages ranging from 208 V to 345 KV, for loads from 100 KW to 3,100 MW, with payback of less than two years!

ELECTROFLOW™ can be used in existing, to-be-built, and/or new buildings. There is no similar product anywhere in the world!

ELECTROFLOW ™ is internationally renowned and award winning system. It is unique with proven performance and satisfied customers in 112 countries worldwide.



Harmonitor 3000 is a powerful, user-friendly and portable power analyzer. It can take True RMS measurements of 1, 2, and 3-phase loads, with NISC certified accuracy, and such capabilities as: data logging, remote access, snapshot, power analysis, and Statistical Path Analysis (SPA), which can analyze any electrical loads and perform verification of energy saving devices.

It can be equipped with three different sets of C.T’s, as well as instrument/utility meter measurements. It is capable of measuring all voltages (up to 700 V), currents (up to 3000 A), harmonics, power factors, surges/transients, power triangle components, and more.

It can be battery or A.C adapter powered. It is equipped with powerful software capable of monitoring, and analyzing power quality parameters with diagnostic and verification features.


           - The 11-in-1 System

Standard Features

  1. Improves & stabilizes phase-voltages.
  2. Balances three-phase currents.
  3. Filters surges & transients.
  4. Mitigates broadband harmonics.
  5. Stabilizes Power Factor at 95%-100%.
  6. Reduces losses & saves Kw-Kwh.

  7. Optional P.Q. Features

  8. Protects against voltage dips/sags-Brownout.
  9. Prevent supply failure.
  10. Mitigates specific harmonic(s).
  11. Synthesizes a lost phase.
  12. Remotes monitoring-control(MACS).



ElectroFlow™ is the only 11-in-1 energy saving and power quality, with guaranteed savings of up to 34% and payback of below 2 years, in the world! It is for loads of 100KW to 3,100,000 KW, and voltages from 208V to 345,000V.


Harmonitor™ 3000 is microprocessor based power Analyzer capable of taking True RMS measurements of all of the pertinent electrical parameters with NISC certified accuracy, and Statistical Path Analysis(SPA) for savings verification.


AAM™ the vanguard in energy savings for residential applications(apartments, houses, and small shops) with money back GUARANTEE savings of up to 40%, in the world!!!