“…We have verified and confirm ElectroFlow Real Power (KW & Kwh) savings of 23%, with voltage stability within +/-2%, harmonics mitigation, and balanced capacity releasing of 57%....”

Ghazi Hamad Al-Ghathi, Distribution Manager, Majan Electricity Company

".....We would like to thank you for the tremendously excellent job your Company and ElectroFlow™ has done for Coca-Cola. All that you have stated regarding improvement and stabilization of Voltage, Three-Phase Balancing, protection against Surges and Transients, Filtering harmonics and power factor of 98% have been achieved by the system. We have achieved a payback of 1.17 years.
Thank you very much for introducing ElectroFlow to our company and we are currently planning to implement this system in all of our other plants..."

Rolondo C. Constantino, PEE Senior Electrical Engineer, Coca-Cola

".....Since the full implementation of your ElectroFlow™ System for Power Quality and Energy Conservation, we have noted the following:

  1. Reduction of Harmonics (THD) caused by DC Motors.
  2. Reduction of voltage fluctuations.
  3. Reduction of our per unit energy cost.
We are very pleased with the ElectroFlow System's performance and are certain about its technology and capability in improving energy efficiency."

William Kwok, General Electric (GE)

"..... we have noted 22% savings along with an improved voltage supplied to the load.... I certainly will recommend ElectroFlow System to my colleagues in the industry."

Hody Ng, Manager, M Pak Plastics Ltd.

"We observed monthly savings of about 10.8% (in terms of kwh per production ton), even with our 12.7% increase in our output tonnage using ElectroFlow."

Charlie Nelson, Plant Engineer, HEINZ Co.

"..... thank you for contacting us about ElectroFlow System ..your initial estimate of 8% savings is conservative, we experienced slightly better than 20%.....Our stock holders and customers thank you."

Lewis Watkins, Manager of Engineering, Charleswood Furniture Corp.

“…We monitored and verified monthly power savings of over 15%, as well as voltage stability, harmonics mitigation, surge protection and power factor improvement, after installation of ElectroFlow in five of our airports….”

Eng. M.Mukwana, Project Manager, Kenya Airport Authority

".... No more problems with our cash registers, no more problems with air compressors and vacuum machines, power fluctuations have stopped using ElectroFlow in our plant..... , and our monthly electric bill savings average to about 16%."

Andre Hogue, METRO

"....we at Johnson Controls would like to continue working with Electenergy Technologies Inc., regarding ElectroFlow for any power quality and energy saving needs on existing, and future projects and upgrades…"

Kenneth Layman, Program Manager, Corporate Property Group, Johnson Controls

"..... I want to thank you for your great product, but more importantly for its outstanding results. You are aware of our initial scepticism, but I assure you, we are now believers. Your ElectroFlow System made good Dollars and Sense."

Troy Oberdorff, Plant Engineer, Cargill Inc.

“We needed to get better control over our cost and quality of power. ElectroFlow seems to have a payback of approximately one year!”

William Kehoe, Plant Engineer, Gray-Syracuse

"..... since installation of ElectroFlow system....We have not experienced an equipment or machinery failure in our plant. We feel that increased plant up-time has already paid for the equipment."

Stan Petzoldt, President, East Perry Lumber Co.

"..... we lost a phase distribution... ElectroFlow™ had formed the 3rd phase out of two remaining ones, which permitted the plant to finish the production. I did not believe ElectroFlow™ could reconstitute 3rd phase ... however, today I can testify to the effect ... ElectroFlow™ did it and it did its job."

Gilles Nadeau, Director Engr., Natrel (La Force Du Lait)

"..... ElectroFlow System has enabled us to save $18,000 monthly through reduced cost per KWH."

Joseph H. Glewe, Maintenance Engineer, McCorquodale, Exton

"..... .our site reading indicated a reduction in KW Demand of 10% to 15%...we strongly request you to assist us to install another unit of ElectroFlow.. thank you for the good performance product..."

Zolkapali B. Talib, Senior Exec. of Engr. Div., Hitachi Electronics Products

".... we have definitely noticed a significant reduction in our electrical consumption. We feel that such expenditure was more than justified and if need arises I will purchase the ElectroFlow™ System again, as we have done for four of our plants."

Thomas J. Aylward, President, Imperial Products Corp.

"..... The ElectroFlow System has reduced KWH Consumption charges by approximately 12% .. from now on, all of the savings from ElectroFlowTM System results' is increased Profit to our company."

Thomas Chung, Director, Everbest Printing Co. Ltd.

".....We have not received any complaints on locking of lifts since the commissioning of ElectroFlow. We have noticed improved stability in the outgoing voltages and reduction in Harmonics...We have noticed overall improvement in Power Factor and reduction in KWH Demand... We would like to thank you and your team of engineers."

M.K. Chow, M & E Executive, Shaw Equip Pte Ltd.

"..... In today's advertisements, most products fail to do all the things that are claimed. The Power Unit (ElectroFlow) that was installed... has absolutely done all that you said it would do and more."

Terry L. Shuyler, Plant Manager, Himmelberger-Harrison

           - The 11-in-1 System

Standard Features

  1. Improves & stabilizes phase-voltages.
  2. Balances three-phase currents.
  3. Filters surges & transients.
  4. Mitigates broadband harmonics.
  5. Stabilizes Power Factor at 95%-100%.
  6. Reduces losses & saves Kw-Kwh.

  7. Optional P.Q. Features

  8. Protects against voltage dips/sags-Brownout.
  9. Prevent supply failure.
  10. Mitigates specific harmonic(s).
  11. Synthesizes a lost phase.
  12. Remotes monitoring-control(MACS).



ElectroFlow™ is the only 11-in-1 energy saving and power quality, with guaranteed savings of up to 34% and payback of below 2 years, in the world! It is for loads of 100KW to 3,100,000 KW, and voltages from 208V to 345,000V.


Harmonitor™ 3000 is microprocessor based power Analyzer capable of taking True RMS measurements of all of the pertinent electrical parameters with NISC certified accuracy, and Statistical Path Analysis(SPA) for savings verification.


AAM™ the vanguard in energy savings for residential applications(apartments, houses, and small shops) with money back GUARANTEE savings of up to 40%, in the world!!!